This would look really unprofessional, if I was a professional…

Hello, friends. Now, I know what you’re thinking; “Hey! Who’s this guy? It’s been so long since we’ve heard from him, we presumed him dead! Haw haw.” Your sarcasm is not lost on me, and I suppose I deserve it. But I do actually have a legitimate excuse this time.

I’ve just begun studying at a new school, and the workload obviously takes precedence over some silly comedy website. But let it be known that I have not forgotten about my little corner of the Internet, and plan on updating you on as much as I can, as frequently as I can, and as hilariously as I can. I know that this post is kind of light on the humor, so in lieu of an actual joke here, enjoy a picture of a monkey smoking a cigarette and playing poker:

Pictured: Comedy gold

You can expect a new film review, several new anecdotes, and many more cheap laughs at other people’s expense.


About Premature Evacuation

My name is Mitch, and I am here to inform and entertain. And laugh at shitty movies from the 80's. Every week, I watch a movie from off the beaten path of Hollywood Boulevard, and more down one of the seedy sidestreets with hookers and pawn shops. I'll tell you all about it. It'll make you laugh.
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